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  • Aquatic Enthusiast and Supporters
    • Anyone who enjoys the benefits of water and aquatic therapy • Ordinary questions or comments on aquatics or aquatic resources • Anyone in need of aquatic solutions
  • Aquatic Professionals
    • Aquatic Service Technicians • Aquatic Contractors and Builders • Aquatic Manufacturers and suppliers • Aquatic distribution companies • Pool and Spa Professionals
  • Aquatics Empowered
    The Aquatics Empowered group is a general group that is used to provide important announcements and general information about our community. This group is set to AUTO FOLLOW so all users will see these announcements..
  • Charities Who Benefit From Aquatic Resources
    • Management Staff in search of resources for their mission • Charity beneficiaries in need of aquatic resources
  • Feedback
    The Feedback group is a general group that can be used to provide us feedback, suggestions, and challenges regarding this community. Our goal is to provide you an effective and delightful community experience. We appreciate your feedback.
  • Healthcare Professionals
    • Aquatic Therapists • Providers in Search of Aquatic Therapy • Aquatic healthcare facility staff
  • Hotels and Aquatic Facilities
    • Managers, planners, and Designers • Purchasing Staff • Maintenance Staff
  • My Aquatic Services
    My Aquatic Services, Our business began in 1991, as a hot tub rental company. We grew that company into a swimming pool superstore which we sold in order to focus on designing and building swimming pools, swim spas, and specialty aquatic therapy products. Now, by customer request, we are back in full retail featuring Bullfrog Spas and we have more options than ever before! Come and see for yourself! Our unique designs and products will make your family smile! Commercial and Residential Pools My Aquatic Services is the only team you need for commercial and residential pool construction, remodeling, and maintenance. Contact us for leak detection, pool sanitation (including chemical-free options), and specialized deck equipment. Warranties are standard on all our services. Earn reduced rates for extended service. Sign a 12-month contract and get 1 month FREE! Call today to get a FREE audit of your residential or commercial pool. For service on your pool or for a new in-ground pool, call us today. Licenses, Memberships: North Dakota Contractors License, Imagine Pools, Trilogy Pools, Viking Pools, Clayton & Lambert, Latham International, Rubaroc, Rain Deck, Minnesota Contractors License.
  • Rural Cities in Need of Aquatic Resources, Facilities, and Support
    • City Parks and Recreation committees • City Planners • City Managers and Board Members • Fund Raising Committees and supporters • Planning and Design committees • Maintenance Staff, Facility managers, life guards, Pool managers
  • WorkOutLoud